Tuesday, January 21, 2020

The Need for Policy Maker to Regulate Human Genetic Engineering Essay

My research essay will concentrate on the topic of human genetic engineering (HGE) and will argue that if doctors further develop HGE, it could improve the ability of humans to fight disease. However, my argument will temper this claim by suggesting that policy makers should regulate HGE so that doctors cannot use it for cosmetic purposes or eugenics. The first part of my paper will provide an overview of what HGE is and the processes involved with such technology of HGE. I will then analyze the potential risks associated with HGE, which include: safety risks; potential threats to genetic diversity and a decrease to the human life span. I will argue that these risks are directly linked to the use of HGE for individual benefit. Inversely this paper will also consider the benefits of HGE, which are connected to the use of HGE for the benefit of the collective. The potential benefits include: the manipulation of genes to treat or cure diseases, and potential increase to the human life s pan. The last part of my paper will assess the future of HGE and suggest that more research is needed to ensure that scientists can eliminate safety risks to test-subjects as well as to eliminate There is a recent increase in evidence that HGE can potentially be used to alter many biological and psychological traits by gene modification. The main focuses of HGE research are traits that target immunity, cognitive abilities and psychological mentality. HGE differs from archaic processes of selective breeding and artificial selection because it directly alters genes. HGE modifies the genomes of humans to produce a specific phenotype (a set of observable characteristics of an organism) or genotype (genetic constitution of an organism) that embodies des... ... HGE for the collective good. The use of HGE for the collective is the key to an increase in the persistence of the human population. Instead of the selection of desirable traits through the use of HGE it could be utilized to create an increase in the diversity of traits amongst humans. This is possible in the future if scientists can generate new phenotypes. These new phenotypes might code for traits that humans do not possess naturally, but could help fight against potential future environment changes or pathogen outbreaks. This could be especially important with the increase in effects of global warming in the future. The use of HGE for the collective has the opposite effect than the use of HGE for individual benefit, as it potentially could help scientists tailor genes that possess the facility to combat new threats to the human population that may arise.

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